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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 14, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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sheriffs confirm they are investigating three burglaries and one robbery. right now no suspects are in custody. they are asking for anyone who might have seen something to please give them a call. san jose place now investigating the city's fifth homicide of the new year. police say a man in his teens was stabbed to death near san jose high yesterday afternoon. this happened on north 21st street not too far from downtown san jose. so far no arrests have been made. a terrifying tale from the couple to last speak to ex-cop christopher dorner. jim and karen reynolds entered their condo in big bear on tuesday and found borner inside. the minute he saw them, he pulled out a gun and told them to stay calm. then he spent the next 15 minutes talking to them. >> he wouldn't hurt us if we did what he said and followed his directions.
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it would be okay. >> what were you thinking? >> i didn't believe him. i thought he was going to kill us. >> we saw so many pictures of him and while he talked to me he said i know i know who i am. >> i don't have a problem with you. i just want to clear my name. >> dorner tied them up and gagged them and covered their heads with pillowcases. he stole their car and then just took off. karen managed to get free and she called 911. it was that call that set into motion the chain of events that ultimately led to dorner's death. what followed was a shootout between dorner and a fish and wildlife warden and then standoff in another cabin. police lobbed tear gas inside the cabin and that caused the fire. what's believed to be dorner's body was found inside the burned out building along with his driver's license. police say they will wait until they receive absolute confirmation from the coroner before they officially declare dorner dead. the alameda county sheriff continues his push for an eye in
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the sky. the sheriff expected to make another pitch today to purchase a drone to try to help keep an eye on hard to reach areas. the $32,000 unmanned aircraft would be used for missions ranging from hazmat and hostage situations to search and rescue, suspect searches and natural disasters. the sheriff says he needs the approval of county supervisors to actually buy this drone and the faa will have the final decision on whether to allow this one to launch. happy valentine's day to you. it's 5:04. meteorologist christina loren tracking a nice and lovely forecast. >> it will be beautiful out there. good morning to you. the only thing, well, there are a couple things to worry about. thick fog out there this morning. it will be a little bit hazy. perfect temperaturewise to get outdoors. nice picnic day. we have so much scenery around here. don't let the day get past you. it will be beautiful. 62 degrees at noon in san jose. nice and mild for valentine's
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day in the south bay. 66 degrees at 2:00 p.m. i haven't had to use the 70s this much this winter so far so this is going to be the warmest day of the year so far. get ready for that. 71 degrees in napa. 71 in gilroy. 70 degrees in santa theresa and even redwood city along the peninsula registering with 70 degrees later on today. we do have changes. rain, cold air on the way. we'll return to winter but not before mother nature cranks up the heat for old man winter. 5:05 now on valentine's day morning. good morning. >> good morning. a tough view at the bay bridge toll plaza. chp overnight issued an advisory. fog is so thick less than a quarter mile in patches as they crossed over that bridge just be careful crossing between san francisco and oakland. you can see why. the very late volume of traffic and no incidents reported on the span itself. that's better news. i can't even show you really the east shore freeway typically we
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show berkeley or emeryville but right now it's so fogged that we can't make that out. slow down as you head south from the richmond san rafael bridge down toward the bay bridge itself. construction away from the bridge. earlier debris in the roadway. road hazard north 680. chp cleared that from the incident report. good stuff. into the north bay, we do have reports of a cow laying in the roadway. flashing lights as crews approach the scene. sounds like the cow was hit overnight. we'll see what's going on. this is 113. not a major concern. we'll track this for local traffic and we'll end here and send it back to you guys. >> thank you very much. it is 5:06 right now. the brentwood school board is now asking parents to be very patient this morning as they continue to look into an incident involving a special education teacher and a 5-year-old student back in 2010. the teacher was accused of
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throwing the student to the floor and kicking him. the school board president said the board will study an independent review of the incident and also continue the ongoing evaluation of the district's superintendent but the board has not fired him for the way he's handled this case as a long list of parents were demanding. a former student filed a lawsuit against this former middle school teacher. the mt. diablo school district and the school's principal. he was convicted last year and sentenced to nine years in prison for having sex with the former student while she was a minor. a lawsuit filed in contra costa county superior court says the sexual acts that occurred between the student and teacher caused her emotional distress and physical and psychological injuries. the student now 18 years old is seeking $25,000 in damages. 5:07. san francisco city leaders are taking a stance to end violence against women this valentine's day. the board of supervisors unanimously passed a resolution
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declaring today as the 1 billion rising day. it's part of a global movement to raise awareness on the continuing abuses women face throughout the world. mayor ed lee and other leaders will be attending a public event on the front steps of city hall this afternoon at 4:00. meantime, a sheriff recently accused of domestic violence is helping to organize a flash mob by county prisoners to protest domestic violence. his wife is expected to take part here. he was recently accused of grabbing lopez hard enough to cause a bruise on her arm. it led to domestic violence charges and he of course ended up pleading guilty to misdemeanor false imprisonment last year. this incident caused a rift. larger than normal group showing up at giants spring training. coming up, we'll go live to scottsdale.
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it is foggy in san francisco. here is the proof. that's the word i'm looking for. the fog. visual proof. a live look there. the power is now back on at san francisco's ferry building. pg&e says last night's outage hit about 30 customers many whom were dining along the embarcadero and outage lasted an hour. among diners caught off guard, 49ers president jed york. he had a super bowl flashback posting i was supposeded to have dinner but the lights went out. i'm starting to think that's not a coincidence. >> good stuff. speaking of power outages, tesla has proof a "new york times" writer fakeded ed d a review of.
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rather than charge the model s, he wrap the car around in circles trying to empty out the battery. scott mcgrew has been covering this one all week long. a bizarre fight. >> it is so strange. according to tesla, this is the latest. the gps and computer records show the "times" writer drove the car in circles in a parking lot and when he called to the tow there was still charge in the battery. new allegations come on a blog entry on the tesla website called a most peculiar test drive. the ceo doesn't post the data it makes a convincing argument that what you read in "the new york times" and what tesla's computer show are not the same thing which is a polite way of saying someone is lying. we weren't there and don't have access to the records so we can't say who. this is a disaster for someone. what's interesting is tesla said the writer turned on the car's
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heater. the writer says he didn't. heat in electric cars is a problem. nissan had to rethink the heater in the leaf because electric car motors don't make excess heat to use to warm the cabin. they have to use coils like space heaters or toasters and that use as tremendous amount of electricity. you can significantly reduce your range by just trying to keep warm. meanwhile, still cold out on the east coast, courtney reagan is out there at cnbc market headquarters with a market review. good morning, courtney. >> good morning. futures are lower. investors may be reacting to gdp figures from japan and germany. the dow ended lower but s&p 500 hit another five-year high. we'll get data on unemployment and we'll also have earnings from general motors and pepsi. the dow is off 35 points and the nasdaq added 10. scott, back to you. >> courtney, thank you very
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much. now we do expect american airlines will announce later this morning the finalized deal with us airways to form the biggest airline. it will be called american but more us airways in the new ceo is old ceo from us airways. we saw united combine with continental. delta deal worked out well. so far that united deal has not worked out at all. what it will do for american, we'll find out eventually. >> all right. thank you so much. >> thanks a lot. we'll find out how it affects our ticket prices as well. 5:14. christina loren, it sounds like we couldn't ask for a better day for valentine's day. >> especially if maybe you forgot about valentine's. somebody out there, you did. you still have time for breakfast in bed. let's take you outside and show you what it looks like. beautiful san jose. 5:14. a little bit of fog by 10:00. all of it will be gone and
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temperatures will soar today under full sunshine. that sun will be out quickly. i don't know about you, yesterday it was warm where i live in campbell. you notice the difference today. we'll climb by an additional two to three degrees. temperatures are mild already to start in many cities. i want to point out even though we have fog out there, winds are coming out of the east-northeast in most cities. that's indicative of offshore flow. 43 degrees in san jose right now. 42 in sunnyvale. in the 30s every morning this week. high pressure builds in as we head throughout the day. hazy sunshine on the way. temperatures that are downright comfortable for this time of year. any time of year. room temperature is around 72 degrees. i'm forecasting 71 in santa cruz today. 68 in livermore. 71 in gilroy. 69 degrees in fremont. if you don't have the day off,
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good news is we hold onto that beautiful weather for the first part of the weekend. things will change on sunday. saturday is a better day to make outdoor plans. as we get into next week, things really change. we bring back rain and cold and we're talking about going from the 70s to the low 50s by tuesday of next week. enjoy it while it lasts is my message to you. 5:15. let's check your drive. good morning, mike. >> good morning. i say the same thing about the commute. enjoy it while it lasts. over here to oakland, 880 shows a good volume of traffic. nothing surprising. construction here between the north and the southbound sides but we also had one of your north lanes blocked as you head past the coliseum. those crews cleared over the last five minutes. map shows you stretching between the coliseum and 980 both directions do have road crews there. you may lose lanes heading north through san leandro and also south down through alameda area past the island there. no major concern for 880, 580 clear through this area as well. 580 also smooth through livermore and pleasanton and a
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clear view and through sunol look at our camera. dark but few lights. we'll look toward palo alto and an easy smooth flow up into the city. north of san mateo you may get patchy fog and especially along the coast. definitely watch highway 1. 101 in the north bay. there's patchy fog reported in santa rosa and also through napa. through san rafael, 101 running smoothly. back to you. >> thank you. it's 5:17 right now. time to take you to the ball game. this morning giants pitchers and catchers warming up arms and gloves for another run for a world series championship. >> we want to check in on all this spring training action in arizona with "today in the bay's" laurence scott live at scottsdale stadium. good morning. looks like you're in the dark still. >> reporter: well, here we go with day two of workouts here at scottsdale stadium. yesterday really awesome. it was great to see the guys back on the field for the first
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time since that world series sweep in detroit. it got us thinking. what is spring training really all about when the hitters don't show up until a couple days after the pitchers and catchers. that was one of the topics we talked to manager bruce bochy about. take a listen. now that giants pitchers and catchers reported for duty and started their work, we wondered beyond tradition of catchers and pitchers arrive first, why it helps best prepare the team for the season ahead? >> you like to give the pitchers a couple bull pens before they throw to hitters. spring training length of it is for pitchers more so than the position players. they take a little bit longer to get ready and get stretched out and get the arm into condition to be game ready for the season. so that's probably the biggest reason why they come in a little bit earlier because they need a head start. >> reporter: coming back as
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world champs adds confidence to this process. for everyone involved seeing the giants back in action is certainly something to behold. >> good to see the fellas and see them out here working out and getting back on the field. exciting day. it always is. i know the guys are looking forward to it. we put them through their normal routine and all went well. the guys got throwing in. catchers hit. routine. it's good to see everybody. >> reporter: it really was an exciting day. buster posey, tim lincecum and matt cain. when we come back in just a little bit, i want to introduce you to the guy that pulls all of this together. he leaves no stone unturned. a legend in the organization. we'll see you in just a bit. >> we look forward to it. thank you. 5:19. coming up, the shoreline
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valentine's day concert you can catch tonight. details on this grand finale coming up. >> looks romantic. live to washington d.c. that is the nation's capitol. the sun is up out there. another busy day. a lot of talk following president obama's inauguration. we'll see if everybody can start to come together and move forward on things. we'll be back in minutes.
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a live look right now. welcome back, everybody. this is the bay bridge toll plaza. mike inouye and christina loren have been telling us a lot of fog out there. obviously it will affect your commute on the way in. mike will talk about that traffic. christina will tell you about another beautiful day ahead. it's 5:22. a new report on last year's massive chevron refinery fire in richmond shows it could have
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been prevented and may have been accidentally accelerated. that report by a federal chemical safety board saying that fire was caused by an ol r pipe. the report also finds chevron firefighters using sharp tools in search of that leak may have accelerated release of gas oil. santa clara county heading to the skies to combat mosquitoes. they will use helicopters to spray a substance meant to kill off winter larva before it hatches. the spraying will take place at 8:00 this morning. the work is expected to last until noon. county officials say the substance being released is not harmful to humans and other wildlife. nothing like waiting until the last minute. if you're not sure what to do for valentine's day, how about -- >> a free oceanside concert at
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sunset. it is quite nice. an artist hauled a piano to half moon bay. he played there every night since february 1st but he's being told to take the show somewhere else. the city says after today he'll have to to go. he will hold the last one tonight at 5:00. >> where is the love? >> not there apparently. let's check in with christina loren saying another nature shining and bringing us plenty of love. >> here we go. there we go. can you hear me now? good morning to you. 69 degrees inland. bayside, 65 degrees. at the coast 63 degrees. let me bring you a good note to that story. that means the masses will not be head eed to half moon bay leaving a warm spot on the sands for you and your loved one later
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today. let's check your drive. good morning, mike. >> speaking of half moon bay, they wouldn't hear that concert but just the fog horn. watch that. over in fremont not too bad. clear view. moisture in the air. cars building on the roadway. down to the south bay, no slowing for 880 through milpitas and into san jose. we do have a look at the northbound route as commute routes but southbound side shows patches of mild slowing. no big deals. no incident except for this to talk about. 280 north and south toward 85 northbound the connector still have road crews there possibly for another 20 minutes. there is a closure and detour. keep that in mind through the area. homestead to 85 is just fine as far as onramps. to san mateo bridge up the peninsula and we see a smooth drive. clear view across the flat section. you can see the high rise. this is fine here. again 92 toward half moon bay, fog along the coast and also the bay bridge and approach through
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berkeley we see thick visibility there. back to you. also in the east bay, we're following breaking news out of san leandro. police out at an elementary school this morning. bob redell is on the scene and we'll have a live report coming up. also, caught on camera. we'll tell you about that as well coming up a snatched security camera off an east bay home. we'll be right back. plus, we continue to follow the developing story out of south africa. oscar pistorius arrested and charged with murder.
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new this morning, he ran for gold in london and this morning he is in jail. the man known as the blade runner accused of murder and he just appeared in court. we'll have details next. >> when he jumped out and hollered stay calm, karen started screaming and running. he ran after her. >> held hostage by christopher
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dorner. the couple that came face to face with the ex-officer tells their story. even if you're not celebrating valentine's day, it's going to be beautiful around here. temperatures approaching the 70s. we'll tell you where and how long this warmup will last. your view of the roads not such a sweet deal. we'll talk about your approach to the city and what you have to watch for coming up. right now a live look outside. you can see the fog starting to clear a bit as we take you from san francisco. a look at the sfo international airport on this thursday, february 14th. this is "today in the bay." good morning. it's 5:29. i'm marla tellez on this valentine's day in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning, everybody. we're following a developing story right now out of south africa this morning where olympian oscar pistorius, the
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man known as the blade runner, now under arrest and being charged with murder after shooting his girlfriend overnight. these are pictures out of south africa. pistorius arriving at the police station. some early reports thought maybe he shot his girlfriend after mistaking her for an intruder early this morning at his house. police say that remains under investigation. >> obviously this is part of an ongoing investigation that is far from finalized. >> pistorius is now in court. you'll remember that pistorius is the guy that made history last year in london at the olympic games becoming the first double amputee runner to compete in track and field in the history of the games. we'll bring you the latest developments throughout the
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morning. chp officers will return to a santa clara neighborhood this morning where they plan to detonate more explosives found late yesterday inside a home. on tuesday they arrested the man who lives there, an engineer. they say he sent an e-mail threat to state senator leyland yee. a bomb squad blew them up. >> there was a matter in there they couldn't figure out what the substance was and they eliminated that detonation and caused it to incinerate extremely quickly and doesn't give time for the device, if it were explosive, to actually go off. >> senator yee will address this incident later. new this morning, pleasant hill police right now asking for your help in locating a burglary suspect. this is surveillance video from that scene.
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it was taken during the early morning hours back on february 8th. you can see that suspect there on the front porch of a home. when the coast is clear, he reaches up and he decides he's just going to rip off that camera. strange scene there. if you have any information on this suspect, you're being asked to call the pleasant hill police department. also, palo alto police want to know if a robbery late last night is related to a recent string of robberies in that city. it happened on the 300 block of bryant street which is not too far from johnson park. a woman in her 50s was beaten and thrown to the ground and then a man took off with her purse. they are releasing this sketch. they did this last week of a man believed to be responsible for two other incidents. one on ramona street. in each case the robber did have a similar description. san jose police are trying to figure out who stabbed a teenager to death just a few blocks from san jose high school. it happened yesterday afternoon
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on north 21st street not far from downtown. the teen died at the scene. police say they have not made any arrests. right now we are following breaking news in the east bay where there are reports of a body found at an elementary school in san leandro. police are on the scene at hillsihil hillside elementary school. that's where bob redell is with the latest. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, marla. we're at the base of hillside elementary. you can see this an investigation being led by the alameda county sheriff's office and if you look in the foreground, you have deputies who have shut down the street and shut down the other end as well so there's no in and out to the school. if you look to where hillside campus is on the right. we don't have much information. with he we do know there is a report of a young adult man found on campus last night. a view from chopper gives you an
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idea of the scene. it's our understanding that deputies and investigators are out there hence the reason this road is shut down. will the school be open? will this affect the operation of the elementary school today in san leandro? that's a big question mark we have right now. we're waiting for a spokesman from the sheriff's office to come out to talk to us. we understand he is en route to give us an update. we have been trying to reach him for the past 30, 45 minutes or so. right now from limited information we have, reports of a young adult man's body found last night on the campus or near the campus of hillside elementary. this is still an active crime scene. the street that runs in front of the campus along the side of the campus is still shut down. we don't know what eta is as far as clearing the scene and reopening it back up. reporting live in san leandro, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> okay, bob. thank you very much. it's 5:34 right now. following a very profitable trip
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right here in the bay area, governor chris christie heading back to new jersey with a lot of cash in his pocket. he attended a fund-raiser with mark zuckerberg along with other heavy hitters and secretary of state condoleezza rice. guests were allowed to give $3,800 to christie's re-election campaign. that's the limit according to new jersey law. christie may also be seeking his party's presidential nomination in 2016. >> prior to being the ceo and chairman of a large company really has a responsibility to be able to nurture and develop relationships with the people in washington who may well end up regulating his company. >> we like that. a large company. all right. zuckerberg met christie back in 2010 when he donated $100 million to newark public schools. no word yet on exactly how much cash that fund-raiser netted for
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christie but it sounds like a good night. meteorologist christina loren standing by with a look at today's valentine's day forecast. >> a great looking day shaping up. thank you for waking up with us. a live look at san jose. you'll notice some low clouds hanging out over san jose this morning. they are going to clear quickly. want to show you sfo nice and clear here. looks like we'll not see any flight delays for the next couple of hours. we're expecting more fog to develop as we head throughout the morning it's patchy and kind of give or take drifting all over the area. you want to travel cautiously. you might encounter dense patchy fog on the way to work this morning. it's not that bad. warmup continues throughout the afternoon. offshore flow will keep our skies nice and clear. into your friday and tomorrow is friday even warmer, moderate air quality and then we bring in the rain. so a little bit of something for everybody out there. just want to give you a taste of what to expect for today. 2:00 p.m., 71 degrees in santa cruz. it will be beautiful by the
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beach. 69 inland. 65 bayside. 63 at the coast. can't wait to show the seven day-to-dday youth look because it gets warmer over the weekend. >> patchy dense fog and definitely the bay bridge is one of those spots where there's a dense patch of fog. chp says since 3:30 this morning warning drivers the upper deck has fog sitting on the deck toward san francisco side. you can see it at the toll plaza well. as volume of traffic increases, we'll have to advise folks to please lower speeds getting into the city but metering lights are not on. we'll look at oakland as well. a smooth drive and construction lights continue to clear from 880 between the coliseum and 980 both directions had a couple lanes overnight blocked. here at the coliseum, those crews cleared. another look at the maps now and we have slowing out of the altamont pass. slower drive into livermore west 580 slows to dublin interchange. not a big deal. typical build for a thursday. back to you. >> thanks so much. it's 5:37. new guidelines could be approved
5:36 am
later today to help keep the bay bridge and parts of the san francisco bay safer limiting ships from sailing under the bridge. this all comes after an oil tanker sideswiped a bridge support tower in january. that's the second time a large ship struck a tower. there were tens of thousands of gallons of fuel into the bay. back then the harbor safety committee identified nine critical maneuvering areas which are highly restricted parts of the bay but waters under the bay bridge and golden gate bridge were left off the list. >> is that surprising to the coast guard that the bay bridge itself would not be considered one of the cmas? >> i would say that we're in support right now of the
5:37 am
temporary guidelines being put forward for voting. >> if approved, new guidelines would move a step closer to naming the waters under bay area bridges as critical maneuvering areas. it's 5:38 right now. finally coming home. this has been a crazy scene. after days at sea in sweltering heat, unsanitary condition and very little food, stranded cruise ship passers headed to shore. we'll return to scottsdale with the world champion giants are finally working out. we'll meet the man that's been there with them through it all.
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welcome back. we take you international for a look at rome, italy. that's vatican city. a few days ago pope benedict xvi announced he's retiring to the surprise of many around the globe. we'll step down officially at the end of this month and that
5:40 am
is when the procession will begin it find his replacement. that would actually be a nice trip for valentine's day. a little rome in your future. 5:41. a nightmare vacation is soon coming to an end for thousands of passengers and crew members of a damaged cruise liner. the ship will arrive at a port in mobile, alabama, soon. that's where jay gray is for us live. he has the latest on the troubling story. not a good way to take a vacation. >> reporter: you talk about a trip to rome, that sounds wonderful. this trip has been a nightmare for more than 3,000 passengers. 1,000 crew members stranded at sea. the ship being pulled in at 7 miles an hour. expected to arrive this afternoon. when it does, there will be family members waiting to greet some of those who come off the ship.
5:41 am
they've already been milling around at the port today just waiting anxious as you might imagine. the rest of the passengers will either load a charter bus and go back to galveston, texas, wheor a hotel room in new orleans. 1,500 hotel rooms being held right now giving them a chance just to recoup for a day and get in there. i'm sure they'll want to take a hot shower after what they have been through and fresh bed linens and then fly on charter plans back to galveston or to their homes wherever that may be. also waiting here will be national transportation safety board investigators. as soon as the ship is cleared, they're going to get in there and look at why this happened and how it happened and what can be done to prevent it. a lot of questions still yet to be answered and will be once the investigators get their chance inside that engine room. >> the last thing that carnival needs. okay. thank you so much. >> 5:43 right now. for the first time this morning, we're hearing from the couple tied up and held hostage by
5:42 am
suspected cop killer christopher dorner. >> i thought we were dead. >> yeah. >> it was scary. >> i really thought this could be the end. >> no doubt about it. it's nice they can smile. jim and karen reynolds entered what they thought was their vacant vacation condo on tuesday and stumbled upon the man they say they instantly thought was dorner. during the 15-minute interaction, they say he kept telling them he did not plan to kill them and he was aware that they had seen him on the news and he tied their hands with plastic zip ties, gagged them and covered their heads. >> laid us down on the floor. i wasn't so sure. he put the hood on us. >> i felt once he put the pillowcase over my head that i thought he may have changed his mind. >> i can't even imagine how terrifying that would be. after dorner finally left, karen did manage to get free and ultimately called 911. just hours later that big-time
5:43 am
firefight broke out between police and dorner. as for the man found dead in the cabin in big bear, san bernardino county sheriffs say they will wait for forensic evidence before officially saying it is christopher dorner. in addition to a body found matching dorner's description, police also found his driver's license in the cabin. the fire was the end result of a shootout and standoff with dorner that killed one san bernardino sheriff's deputy and injured another. the deputy that died tuesday night was 35-year-old jeremiah mackay. a 15-year veteran of the sheriff's department. he's survived by his wife and two kids including a 4-month-old baby boy. a funeral was held yesterday for another of dorner's alleged victims. thousands of law enforcement officers from across the state and governor jerry brown attended the funeral service for michael crane yesterday. he was killed february 7th when
5:44 am
dorner allegedly opened fire on his patrol car. we're getting the first look at a cache of weapons found stashed inside of a northern california cave. more than 100 firearms were found inside a cave earlier this week. they range from handguns to shotguns to assault weapons. now investigators say the owner was arrested after a pursuit involving sheriff's deputies. at this hour there's no word on why they were actually stored inside of that cave. good morning to you. it's 5:46. great news for you. on tap to have a gorgeous day ahead of us. >> beautiful weather that will continue into the weekend. we're so close to the weekend now. we have rose colored glasses. valentine's day coupled with rose colored glasses of friday eve. perfection. 5:46 now. taking a live look at the golden gate bridge. just want to show you we do have reduced visibilities across the bay area but it's patchy fog so you might wake up, walk out the
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front door and it's crystal clear and then on the roadway you encounter a thick patch of fog. keep that in mind this morning. it will be out there drifting around throughout the day. let's get to companietemperatur. 35 down in gilroy to start the day. we're headed toward really comfortable conditions even by noon. you can go ahead and go right to the short sleeves. marla and i, we're looking forward to spring. we do have a quarter mile of visibility at napa and santa rosa right now. ten miles or better reported across the south bay and east bay like i said before. just because your city is not reporting thick fog, you may find some out there. the good news is our winds are coming out of the east-northeast indicative of offshore flow. it means the big ridge of high pressure will have temperatures in the 70s. 10 to 15 degrees above average for this time of year. and it's been dry. the good news is we also have rain on the way. looking pretty good as well for a few days of rain. three consecutive days of rain
5:46 am
on the way for next week. get that in the seven-day outlook in just a minute. noon today, 62 in san jose. perfect there. 66 at 2:00. so nice in san jose all across the bay area. as i keep pointing out, the best beach city. santa cruz. 71 degrees. or go further south toward monterey and 17-mile drive pebble beach will be perfect out there. don't let the weather get in the way of your valentine's day. 5:48. let's check your drive. good morning, mike. >> good morning. don't let the kids valentine's candy get in a way of a nice evening. 101 volume starting to pick up. it is now 5:48. the first burst happening for the south bay. the map shows you a little bit of slowing now north 680 north 101 north of 680 toward 880. speeds still only coming down about 55, 60 at their worst. that's the first burst. we'll see the second one come just after 6:15.
5:47 am
we're looking at a smooth drive northbound 280 into downtown. slowing earlier. things sorted out. we'll track that. and then 280 also by 85 we have north and southbound both with road crews affecting that connector. the crews should clear over the next few minutes but just be aware that over the next ten there may be flashing lights and changing conditions. you may be able to use that after 6:00 when all lanes should be open for both north and south 280 to north 85. we'll catch up with a live view, peninsula palo alto moves nicely here into san mateo and the city. no delays there. san mateo bridge a clear view as well and of course the bay bridge just had fog but 92 is not a problem. it's here at the toll plaza into the city. back to you. >> thank you very much. 5:49. what better way to celebrate valentine's day than with a pillow fight? the eighth annual great pillow fight will be held later today in san francisco. organizers say the fight allows people to let out their valentine's day aggression in a
5:48 am
safe and healthy manner. if you are interested in taking a swing, bring your pillows to justin herman plaza this evening at 5:30. >> always a big fan of the pillow fight. across the bay, love is in the air at the oakland zoo today. it will be hosting a special tour of the romantic side of the animal kingdom. guides will be discussing intimate details surrounding the love lives of zoo creatures. are they really doing this? is this for real? >> for real. >> all right. they're calling it animal amore and there's an age requirement. you have to be 18 years or older. that sounds scary. there is a fee to attend. the walking tours will be held throughout the entire day. i'm all for education but i think i'll pass. >> the animals are in heat apparently. >> animals are in love. it's 5:50 now. an update on that breaking news that we're following in the east bay. bob redell has some new information for us coming up.
5:49 am
plus a huge harvest for napa and sonoma. the best ever. we'll take a look in business news.
5:50 am
5:51 am
welcome back, everybody. there's all kinds of action going on down in the desert of arizona right now. the world champion giants taking the field for spring training. >> it's also a busy time in the team clubhouse as well. let's take you back out to scottsdale. laurence scott live. you have insight from the man who has been helping the giants gear up since 1958. >> reporter: at least for decades. let's not even pinpoint the time. he's been with that organization for so, so long. mike murphy is who we're talking about. as the sun rises here in scottsdale on what will be day two of workouts. we want to show you the guy that makes sure everything runs flawlessly. take a look. it's one of the very best sights
5:52 am
of spring. the giants first day of workouts at scottsdale stadium. as the team was getting in motion on the field, there was a legendary figure taking a deep breath. longtime equipment manager mike murphy spending a moment with his friend abby having helped the giants gear up and get on the field for yet another spring. >> every day you come here and every spring you do it right after the super bowl we get the guys excited to get down here and get ready for baseball. >> reporter: how many years is sure the team has everything they need? >> i think roughly about 54 years. i can't remember. i started in '58. i stopped counting a long time ago. i'm happy to be here every day and do the job with the rest of the gang. everything is happy. >> reporter: after all of these years, scottsdale has become something of a home away from home. >> you meet friends. we've been here so long that every year you meet more people from scottsdale and everyone is friendly in this town from the
5:53 am
mayor all of the way down everyone tries to help you. they always try to help the giants when we first moved here. this became family down here like the scottsdale family and we really enjoy coming down here. >> reporter: and the giants sure are engrained here in scottsdale and the entire community that supports this team. you think about when it really kicks into heavy gear. it's cactus league games. next one february 23rd with angels here and murphy will have the guys in uniform. we love it. we'll see you in a bit. >> thank you very much. the world champion giants back in action enjoying a lot of champagne during the off-season and marla tells me they serve a little wine down at spring training at the ball games. we'll have to check that out. scott mcgrew says best year ever for california speaking of wine. lots of grapes. >> there are statisticians and
5:54 am
accountants who work for the national agriculture statistics office, bean counters and grape counters saying california's 2012 harvest was the best ever as far as quantity of grapes. whether that's quality i can't say because it hasn't been bottled yet. we can get together and figure that out. prices are way up. it's a great time to own a vineyard. record yield and record prices. have you heard about this new google movie called "internship" starring owen wilson and vince vaughn as guys way too old to do an internship at google. it was shot at google. take a look. >> welcome to google. this will not be your average internship. >> that's a sharpie. >> that's my fault. >> we've done that on a dry erase board. i put a copy of the trailer on my facebook page. i couldn't get it to go on nbc
5:55 am
bay area's. there's one offcolor joke in there. maybe that's why i couldn't get it to go on there. funny. comes out in june. shot at google. looks like great fun. >> love it. love those guys. mental hunger games. we're ready. great stuff. >> big fan of the san francisco 49ers too. >> chicago guy. >> thank you so much. coming up, we'll have an update on breaking news out of san leandro. bob redell has just talked to police and he'll have a live update coming up. developing news out of south africa. crazy story here. olympian oscar pistorius arrested and accused of murder. we'll have the latest details on this investigation next.
5:56 am
5:57 am
the blade runner behind bars after his girlfriend was shot and killed in his home. a case of mistaken identity or did domestic violence play a
5:58 am
part? the latest on the investigation just ahead. an e-mail threat with an explosive twist. we'll tell you why law enforcement is still staking out a south bay home this morning just ahead. access to an elementary school blocked off after a body is found on campus overnight. we'll let you know what parents need to know before dropping their kids off at school just ahead. a cold start to the day. i have a forecast you will love if you are trying to save some money this valentine's day. if you are trying to get a good view of the road, don't go to the bay bridge. i'll tell you what chp has warned folks crossing the bay this morning. a place that is certainly going to be very busy giving you a live look at the roses inside the san francisco flower mart in the city by the bay on this thursday, valentine's day, february 14th. this is "today in the bay." good morning. thanks for waking up with us.
5:59 am
it's 6:00. i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning, everybody. we start off with breaking news involving an olympic athlete. police in south africa confirming the so-called blade runner, oscar pistorius, is under arrest in the shooting death of his girlfriend at his home. local media reports say pistorius shot his girlfriend after mistaking her for an intruder at his home early on thursday morning. local police say that report still under investigation. >> forensics are still on the premises. it would be rematupremature to what happened at this time. we're not sure. >> police say that pistorius is in custody and just appeared in court moments ago. police have not publicly identified the victim but an agent who represents pistorius' model girlfriend sent the following statement. we can confirm that


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